Are Malaysian families looking for great family getaways? It may simply be the main reason for the high rate of applications and high turn-ups in the Kids-Tokei Japan modeling audition on 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd March. Bustling through the heat and sunshine in metropolitan Kuala Lumpur and escaping not out bounds, but right into the heart of the city itself to the surprisingly pleasant Perdana Botanical Garden off Jalan Parlimen! (Formerly known as the Lake Gardens.)
Smacked in the middle of the garden, Kids-Tokei’s 11 strong team was systematically focused on the kid models and their families. The reception area was swarmed with red mixed with white color balloons courtesy of PONEY ( and from afar the incoming kids’ eyes sparkled in adornment. Four professional photographers tirelessly set their cameras under the challenging environment. The event assistants pouring their hearts and cheering up the kids for the best of pose and smile. “Congratulations! You have passed the Kids-Tokei audition! Here is your Certificate, this is a very special day for you!” Smiles begun to spring out from the small kids as they realized they are all winners and they begin to experience a glimpse into being a professional model. Express yourself little innocent ones! This is your day!
The four-day PONEY x KIDS-TOKEI photo sessions were a true success indeed, application was offered to 0-12 years old kids all over Malaysia. Many of the parents actually bought brand new PONEY clothing for their kids to wear during the photo session by Kids-Tokei as a show of their support to PONEY brand! We truly appreciate their efforts for the memories of the kid model. We felt that Malaysia is truly blessed with beautiful sceneries and vibrant kids. The outdoor garden somehow provides a healthy and energetic feeling. In four days (14th,15th,21st and 22nd March) we have successfully taken photos of about 200 kids and their families as well. The event has gathered families from various backgrounds and we realized this event was attended by more Malaysian families compared to the Rody event last October.
Right after the event we received various compliments from families that was very satisfied and happy with the event and more importantly, how the event has given memorable and enjoyable time for their whole family including the kid model. 3
Hence our objective is to make kids and the whole family happy across the globe. Starting from Japan, Kids-Tokei has expanded to Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, France, Hawaii and now in Malaysia with over 500,000 members. We aim to create unforgettable memories for the families to cherish for a long time. The audition, photo session and publication on Kids-Tokei’s website are also early steps for the kids whom are keen on international exposure and career as professional model.
After successfully completing PONEY’s event, our eyes are set on another major brand partnership very soon. We are already imagining ways to enhance children’s happiness and designing ways for the whole family to have fun as well. Look out for Kids-Tokei next event in Malaysia and register online at ! Cheers!5