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What is Kids-Tokei?

KIDS-TOKEI is a new concept in child modeling. Cute kids in our pictures capture and tell you the current time, minute by minute! The purpose is to connect people around the world with children’s smiles. KIDS-TOKEI is the big audition site for child models in The World. The number of members came to be approximately 250,000 during the first 3 years. It is the first step to a successful career for child models. Feel free to apply for our audition if you have a pretty child! Kids-Tokei Club encourages children’s dreams come true! >>Kids-Tokei was broadcast by the TV program.(Japanese web site)

Relationship between Japase Pte.Ltd. and Kids-Tokei.

The Kids-Tokei has 90,000 members in overseas, and they are trying to expand their business through 40 counrties this year. Japase Pte.Ltd. received a request to be an offical Singapore operational support company for the Kids-Tokei. We manage and create events for Kids-Tokei.

Collaborating events

We provide a lot of collaborating events with other companiessuch as Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation , which is a world-wide movie company.

Auditions on going

The audition in a present progressive can be checked from the website here. →