(English) Over 240 tailors has registered with MyBaju today!>

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 MyBaju is the no. 1 platform for order made Baju in Malaysia.  The platform website was launched by Japase Malaysia back in November 2016 after test runs was conducted on the Beta version since July 2016.  After 6 months of the official launch of the website, MyBaju has received promising response through its one-on-one consultation service to both tailors and customers and over 240 tailors has registered via the website.


With the Hari Raya season at the end of this month, MyBaju team is now receiving many inquiries from customers for order made Baju for both individual or family and bulk order for clothing businesses as well.  MyBaju does its best to facilitate the customers in quotation requests and ordering Baju and collects customer’s review on the order.


Malaysia is known for its Malay traditional wear called Baju Kurung for women and Baju Melayu for men.  The traditional wear is usually worn during Hari Raya celebrations, during prayers and other formal functions.  MyBaju assists the customers to find Baju tailor via the search and inquiry systems available in MyBaju website (my-baju.net).  Very soon, MyBaju plans to offer upgrade plan for the tailors consisting many beneficial features.


MyBaju vision is to further enhance the Baju industry in Malaysia and will continue to serve the Malaysian people for many years in the future.