Refund Policy

Charge and Payment Method

1. The price for the Product, and payment period and method will be separately stipulated on the Website.

2. The Company may change the price for the Product, without advance notice to you.

3. You are unable to demand from the Company any refund or to refuse to pay the Company prices regarding the purchased Product, except for the cases set forth in the paragraph 6 of the next Article.

Purchase of Product

1. When the Company accepts your offer to purchase, the Company will notify you of such acceptance by means separately stipulated by the Company.

2.  A purchase agreement for the Product will be established between the Company and you at the time when the Company issues a notice of acceptance for your offer to purchase. Once your offer to purchase is accepted by the Company, you are unable to cancel your offer to purchase the Product unless the Company consents thereto.

3.  You must pay the price for the Product, and settlement fees and other charges relating to payment, in accordance with the method stipulated by the Company.

4.  The Product will be shipped to the delivery destination separately designated by the Company in accordance with the method separately stipulated by the Company. The delivery destination designated by the Company will be notified to you before shipping the Product. The delivery obligation of the Company to you is deemed completed at the time when the Company ships the Product to the delivery destination; and you acknowledge that the Company is not liable whatsoever for delay in Product delivery, or loss, theft, damage or other accident to the Product arising after having shipped the Product, or for an incorrect input of the address (if the delivery destination is an address you have designated).

5.  Upon receipt of the Product, you must immediately check the number, contents, quality or damage of the Product.

6.  The Company will accept returns, replacement or re-delivery of the Product, only in the cases set forth in the following items. However, the costs required to return the Product will be borne by you.

  • (1) if the delivered Product bears an obvious defect,
  • (2) if the delivered Product is not the Product you have purchased,
  • (3) or if the ordered Product of yours is short on numbers.

7. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the Company will not accept return of the Product falling under any of the following items:

  • (1) the Product is damaged or stained for causes attributable to you,
  • (2) the Product is defective to causes not attributable to the Company, such as an accident in transit,
  • (3) the Product is out of focus and considered to be within the scope acceptable in light of common sense,
  • (4) the Product of which four (4) weeks or more have elapsed from the date of shipment, or
  • (5) another Product separately designated by the Company.

8. In delivering the Product to you, the Company may enclose an advertisement or promotion. You will consent in advance that the Company will enclose an advertisement or promotion.

The Refund Policy clauses mentioned on this page are subject to the Terms of Use of Memory Index website which may be revised or updated from time to time.